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Hidden Gems: Local Businesses & Creatives You Should Know

Every day we have a choice. We can support an up and coming podcaster, try a new family-run restaurant, join a boutique gym started by a local fitness champ or we could keep giving away our money to the handful of giants who already control so much of our commerce. Our daily decisions impact the kind world we live in; if we want a world where small businesses are growing and artists and creatives are thriving then we should support them with our time, money and attention. We’re proud to highlight inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in Hidden Gems series.  Check out some of our latest local gem features below.

David Ragland

In this moment we are dealing with socially produced ignorance that see laws in Texas – that are trying to re-write and already tenuous truth that deny the history of racism, claiming this is harming their children – they are manufacturing ignorance – Silencing truth As I write in International Journal of Human Rights Education Truth Telling is what impact BIPOC communities have always had to do to survive… In the back drop of world war 2 when the US and the international community were speaking about human rights , Black veterans were being murdered after returning from fighting for the US, less than ten years after the nuremburg Tribunal Emit Till was brutally murder over the kind of fabrication that justified and are still justify murders of black people. Read more>>

Lisa Bell

I am a retired school teacher and mother of four. I spent my life teaching students, cooking team meals, sewing costumes, building sets, tutoring the team and mentoring youth. My favorite thing to do in Savannah is walk around and share stories and facts about this beautiful place with my family and friends. My second favorite hobby is playing games with my children, from trivia games, to scrabble and everything in between. Read more>>

Jacquelyn Clark

Freelance Modeling has allowed me to live out my passion and build toward my dreams. I currently travel and book photoshoots throughout Georgia including Savannah and all surrounding states. I would love to continue to expand my experience and continue to travel while doing what I love. I began modeling in November of 2016 and took on a profession as a model before the pandemic hit as a jewelry model on gem shopping network, a live and 24/7 broadcasted channel on television. Read more>>

Herok Kim

In South Korea where I’m from when I was around 10 I got into an argument with my mom. I went to my room and drew all over the walls in a rage. Instead of being angry with me, my mom recommended I do art. This was how I began doing art. I studied in arts high school and one year of college; however it was after my military experience that I really decided I wanted to be an artist. In the military expressing myself through art became like therapy to me. I did some tattooing after that but decided it wasn’t for me and went on to get a degree in branding and advertisement. Read more>>

Sol Tr!be of Sol Tr!be LLC

Sol Tr!be ENT LLC is a Creative Collective founded on April 1, 2021. We started off as individuals following our own paths and soon after, we came together as one. Coming to the conclusion that there was a lack of Love and genuine support in the world, we quickly understood there was a bigger mission at hand only we could handle. In today’s time, we have so many distractions placed out here to detour us. Sol Tr!be took that chance to be the change We needed to be.. The change the world needs.. Read more>>

Connie Chau

Everything is unexpected. As someone who was born in a typical Asian family, it wasn’t always comfortable to express my own thoughts, not to mention to become an artist. Elders expect to see good grades in ordinary subjects like science, maths, and English, rather than seeing you spend time on something they think is not reliable in terms of income. My mum has told me her concern but has still been supporting me all the time. Despite the fact that she is supportive, I still thought she didn’t like my dream at all. Both of us have never sincerely talked to each other. Read more>>

Caleb Green

I was raised by a motivated single father who had me at the age of 20. Growing up with a young father with just the two of us shaped who I am today, he taught me how to navigate life, open doors of opportunity, and preach many metaphors on life telling me things such as “life is a contact sport” and “the fool speaks, the wise man listens.” My first love was basketball, from the time I could crawl I had a basketball in my hands, I could ball like no one’s business, throw passes no one would see coming, shoot from anywhere on the court and could out dribble any defender, but being an extremely skinny short kid until my late teens I knew my hustle had to be channeled towards something else. Read more>>

Jordyn Edgerton

I have always been into fashion and picking out fun outfits to go to school. My first year of college I decided to turn my instagram into my personal outfit page. I set my phone up on my mini fridge in my dorm and take pics of my outfits and make lookbook videos of either my outfits of the week or themed lookbooks styling for an event or styling a piece in my closet. From then I honed in on what content creating was. I started to take better pictures outside, I bought a tripod and started taking my own pictures. Read more>>

Tayler Ayers

long story short.. im adopted. born and raised in the south. pursued pro tennis. didnt work out. 4 highschools. 3 colleges. played college tennis. got burnt out. started selling art on insta in 2o16 ish. Still doing art full time but founded a financial literacy company with a friend of mine and I’m pursuing content creation as well Read more>>

Damian Hendrix

My name is Damian Hendrix but you can call me “Hendrix” and I started in the photography and videography field as a indie business back in 2016. Although I’ve held other production based jobs over the years prior, it was then that I decided to go full-time with creating and documenting with photos and video. As a child I used to sneak and watch Rap City w/ Big Tiggah and 106 & Park on BET. That vibe and the energy of the raw talent that came through the show was amazing and it all felt like a family type of environment. That was my motivation to create the segment “Open Stage” on The Black Element. Read more>>

Laurie Thompson

Prior to opening The Southern ELK I was working in the corporate world despite wanting a store for most of my life. I hated my job, and my boss was very difficult to say the least. I had worked for that company for more than 16 years, and for that boss for about a year and half. I knew I was in the wrong place working for the wrong person. One day on my way home from work I called out to God, and told him that I couldn’t deal with my current situation anymore, but my family depended on my paycheck.  Read more>>

Aja Gold

I like to say I was ‘chosen,’ because it makes me feel special and, in a way, I was. I’m fortunate to have been adopted into a very loving and artistic family. My mom was a teacher who played Enya and Jimmy Buffet on the way to and from school. Dad on the other hand, was a classical music lover. In my Lil Baby “How” freestyle I rap, “Mom taught me the classics in the car she sung to Jimmy Dean. But no offense to him but I fit better in some Billy Jeans.” I have deep admiration for all the music my parents exposed me to. However, something about old-school hip-hop and modern rap awoke me. If I had the talent to be a singer I would have. If I had a knack for public speaking I would have become a motivational speaker. Read more>>

Patrick Stafford

Yes it’s a dive bar with class. But we have been hosting local and touring bands for the past 13 years. In fact when the Wormhole opened there was hardly nowhere for local bands to play other than the popular Jinx. (Now closed) The Wormhole opened with very meager beginnings at the end of 2008. One of the first Neighborhood bars in the now popular Starland District. Since then we have hosted many popular shows from local acts to national touring bands and comedians. To name a few: Green Jello, Band of Horses, Helmet, Hed Pe, Dick Dale, The Safari’s and most recently Rev Horton Heat, Nashville Pussy. Goddamn Gallows and Smile Empty Soul. Read more>>


For starters I was born and raised in New York City, I started my music journey at a very young age. My parents put me in all types of dance and music classes growing up. I used to write songs for myself and even tried to get my friends to form a girl group in grade school. Nothing ever came of it but I knew I was on to something. HaHa such a good time. In middle school. I began to focus my writing on myself and throughout high school and college I learned more of the sound I wanted for myself I spent a long time studying jazz and funk music. I’ve done live and recorded performances to promote my talent. Read more>>

Falen Cox of Cox, Rodman, & Middleton

Cox, Rodman, & Middleton is a Savannah Law Firm founded by Falen Cox, John Rodman, & Christopher Middleton in 2017. All 3 partners are former public defenders within the Major Crimes Division and have extensive litigation experience. Cox, Rodman, & Middleton was borne out of the desire to serve the community in the additional areas of personal injury, estate planning, family law, and small business formation. Additionally, the partners sough to build a practice that would allow them to spend more time and attention on fewer cases–Cox, Rodman, & Middleton is the opposite of “volume based” instead taking a client-centered approach to each client and each case. Read more>>

Terrance Miller

I use to really be into the corporate world and trying to be a supervisor for someone’s company but I was never good enough I lost my car lost my apartment and within rebuilding myself I prayed about having something no one could take from me and I realized then I should do comedy I was always able to make people laugh and put a smile on there face so nowadays 4 years later I love every bit of doing comedy but most importantly because no one can take it away from me so I embrace every moment and always try to have fun Read more>> 88949994

My names are Devotha Richard Mushi, a young female of 28 years old. Am the third born out of four, raised with my father and mother. I started my academic journey in 1990’s, and completed my BA in Sociology at the University of Dar es Salaam in the year 2017. In my life my dream was to become a medical doctor, despite the fact I could not fulfill my dream, I like what I do and I like how I do it. I’ve always been passionate to working with the community in my life since childhood. In 2018 I started volunteering at TANZANIA YOUTH ALLIANCE {TAYOA} as a counselor. I was engaged with Youth regarding Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS. Read more>>

Tatiana von Tauber

I dabbled in the creative arts from childhood going from dancing to drawing to writing to photography to painting and that’s when being an artist finally stuck. In 2014, I realized I kept fumbling my way through the integration process of having moved to Savannah from living in Europe and South Florida most of my life. The conservative nature felt heavy. This led me to create my first erotic art collection, Art Porn (2015), which caused some local controversy and pinned me to defend my reasoning. Read more>>

Melody Burks

I’m Melody, mom of a king (7) and queen (13). Originally from California but traveled all over as a military child and moved to Savannah when in elementary school. I am a business major obtaining both my BBA and MBA since working with numbers just come natural to me. But quickly found out that working at a desk all day in a cubical was not the life for me. I started working in the hospitality industry to pay my way through college and have been in the hospitality industry for almost 20 years now. I absolutely love event planning, caterings, feeding large groups of people. I love the busyness, fast pace, and ever-changing day to day variety of working in food service and catering. I even went to culinary school to know what was going on on the kitchen side of things. Read more>>

Devon Johnson

As a young child, I was always drawn to physical activities and using my hands. At the age of 3 My parent called the cops for a “missing child”, but I was found in the garage having pulled my fathers tool boxes out, and disassembled his Harley motorcycle. A few years later, my father showed me how to use power tools correctly and somewhere I have a picture of me with a portable belt sander, on a stool so I could reach the table, going to town on a piece of wood. Read more>>

pete callejas

My curiosity for historic homes and architecture began early in life traveling to New England on vacation and visiting historic mansions with my family along the way. I fell in love with architecture as a carpenter, renovating historic homes in Georgetown, Washington D.C. and building custom homes in Great Falls, Virginia and Potomac Maryland. I did quality carpentry and residential construction, as a teen and into my 30’s, taking night classes at Northern Virginia Community College for construction management, engineering and architecture. Read more>>

Tiffany Collins

I am the the Executive Director of Girls on the Run of Coastal Georgia and the Lowcountry, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential. I began my professional career teaching in higher education after graduating with a Master’s Degree in Literature from Georgia Southern University. I love teaching literature, but I began to notice many of my first-time college students were struggling with confidence and having the tools they need to be successful in their independence. In an effort to help target these issues before young adults are in crisis, I began working in the non-profit sector in 2016, when I became the Youth Development Coordinator at EdVenture Children’s Museum in Columbia, SC. Read more>>

Ji’Savorya Daniels

Nails have always peaked my interest as a little girl. My auntie Tia would buy toy sets that had press-on nails and the fake heels. I have been hooked since. I have always been a creative person. I was drawn to long nails because they had the best designs. When I was 14, I started to learn about the Kiss acrylic kits and I would practice with that. I always wanted to do nails and it was well known about me by those in my life. Unfortunately, many obstacles were presented and prevented me from pursuing a nail tech career. I decided to create my acrylic line as a way to still be a part of the nail industry/community. Read more>>

Kayla (but most people call me K) Dunham-Torres

I am originally from Washington State, a whole 3,000 miles away. And I’ve traveled down to Savannah to get into better touch with art and learn a little more as I grow. For the better part of my life, I grew up without the words to describe what I was feeling or what I was going through. So to cope with the things I could touch, feel, and see, but not characterize; I leaned on art. In turn, a broken pencil and small sketchbook turned out to be my savior. Read more>>

Samantha Peterson

Like many military spouses, the question of “how I got here” is really the result of an eclectic career spent investing in each community I have the privilege of calling home. Upon arrival this past May, I dove into the community head first, seeking opportunities to contribute, collaborate, and thrive within our new niche- greater Wilmington Island. One of the first stops was Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers, where my passion for the environment met impact opportunity after meeting locals like Tim Arnold and Dee Matowski. Amongst the buckets, the group laid out our hopes of a cleaner future for the shoreline we have all come to call home. Read more>>

Donise Johnson

“PAIN AND SUFFERING” 2016 Loving the Private Care field for five years was Majority of all that Ive known at the time. Then I began to realize I was a hard working mother now and from the Previous years for my boys, and Marriage Really never had any time for anything. But rest when I could, until it started to take from me. Then, some days I couldn’t move. I recovered my strength then, I’m tired, then I began to realize more and more each day, my back was not so good from all the work I’ve done, being Diagnosed with scoliosis At the age of 11. Read more>>

Ticauda Coleman

Thanks to the pandemic, I was moved to birth Nails by Pynk. I remember I had a nail appointment scheduled in March of 2020 and it had to be canceled due to safety concerns. I thought it was the end of the world because of my passion for nail art and my ability to express myself through it. Long story short, a few people were telling me to look into making press-on nails. I attended “YouTube University” and after several months of watching hundreds of hours of videos and reading nail articles, I made my first set that I was proud to wear. With my nails being a personal billboard, several people asked if I could make custom press-on sets for them and I obliged. Read more>>

Julia Satterlee

There’s a tattoo on my forehead that says, “safe.” Ok, there’s not really, but sometimes it feels like it. I’ll be doing random things, like getting my oil changed, buying my groceries, and the next thing I know, someone’s talking to me about their personal life. Sometimes it’s because I’ve told them I’m a Sexologist; other times I think it must be the imaginary tattoo. It’s always been like that for me, so when I was a teenager, I was a geeky, determined learner, drudging up information and resources for myself and my friends as situations arose. I was already searching for solutions and answers to sexual health questions (pre-Google!), so I jumped at the opportunity to be formally trained in sex education. Read more>>

LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts

LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts, an entrepreneur, mental health counselor, and kids’ life coach, was born in Jersey City, NJ, and raised in Estill, South Carolina. She has two children Deyonna Stokes-Roberts and Kaden Roberts. LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts began her educational journey at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC. She has a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling/Marriage and Family Cognate from Liberty University. She also has a Master of Science in Human Services/ Social & Community Services from Capella University. She is currently working towards her Master of Social Work at Capella University. Read more>>

Sean Carr

Inspired by big landscapes and big hearts. Sean is always searching for new places to adventure and capture his couples in the vast wilderness. More importantly, Sean seeks out couples that are of kind hearts and all-around good people. You can usually find Sean somewhere traveling on the road or in a coffee shop drinking one of his 4 lattes a day. Read more>>

Katie Flom

As a kid, my mom and grandma always had a camera pointed in my direction, ready to capture any and everything. The hobby continued into my generation, and I began to fall in love with capturing moments with my friends at sleepovers, summer camp, or school. In college, I loved being able to grab my new DSLR camera and edit photos of creative sessions with my friends, but I wasn’t sure how marketable I could be. I was a little scared to take the leap, but I also wanted to make sure that if I made my hobby my career, I wouldn’t lose the love I had for the art. Once the pandemic started, I set down photography and videography almost entirely. Read more>>

Sunnetta Coleman

I have been fascinated with skin and skincare products since my teen years. It wasn’t until college that I began being more intentional with ingredients and what exactly I’m putting on my body. During the summers, I would go to many different festivals and my nose always brought me to someone’s table regarding body care products. Read more>>

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