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Savannah’s Most Inspiring Stories

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below.

Courtney Jensen

After a 20-year career as an actor and director in theatre and film I switched focus to my other passion; travel. I officially launched Fisher & Stout Travel in September 2019. Fisher & Stout is an Arkansas-based luxury travel advisory, specializing in your enjoyment. We work with solo travelers, couples, families, and friends. We design custom itineraries, celebrate special occasions, and provide inspiration for your upcoming vacation all while protecting your most precious resource—your time. Read more>>

Angela Lightsey

I am a Savannah Native and have resided on Tybee Island for 17 years. During the pandemic, I was going through a divorce while facilitating my child’s school and navigating our collective trauma dealing with COVID. I knew something had to change. My professional career for the past 20 years was based wholly on hospitality. I began my personal journey with the practices we offer at the retreats or the “woo-woo” about 7 years ago.  Read more>>

Morgan Griner

Growing up, I was always the one who had some sort of camera so that I could capture what was happening. Parties, family gatherings, vacations? I was sure to have the camera ready, even if as a middle schooler it meant a disposable camera and dropping it off at Walmart photo center to be developed. To me, taking photos was about having some way to remember moments that mattered. I’ve always known that big moments matter, but I’ve grown to see how the little moments matter too and I try to capture those as much as I can both for myself and for others. Read more>>

Mamie Jay Atkins

My journey to art literally started with dark depression and the urge to commit suicide. I had been in a cycle of dysfunctional habits that reinforced the planted soulish seeds that I am unworthy of love, that I am broken and beyond fixable, I am unlovable and my existence is pointless. After enduring the years of childhood sexual abuse, rejection, and abandonment, I couldn’t reprogram my soul to see light in any type of tunnel. Read more>>

Corrine Reedy

Misfit Teez was born in 2016, from my blog posts, on a dare. A friend of mine dared me to begin putting my slogans /hashtags on apparel. I was reluctant initially, for two reasons: 1. I didn’t start a blog to build a brand or make money; I simply wanted to share my thoughts & hopefully help people. 2. My blog wasn’t popular/commercial enough to build a brand. Needless to say, I accepted the dare LOL. Read more>>

Elio Villafranca

I was born in a tobacco area in Cuba, in a town called San Luis, in Pinar del Rio. Our house was in the center of town, right behind the courtyard of the Casa de la Cultura [House of Culture, a community center], so I had access to all sorts of musical activities that were happening there at the time. When I was in elementary school, I enrolled in after-school art programs at the Casa de la Cultura. First, I did the painting for a year, then I switched to playing the guitar. Our teacher at the center was a graduate of the Music Conservatory in Havana, and he taught classical guitar pieces. Read more>>

Genesis Juarez

I’m a Canadian-American actress and singer that spends my time between Savannah, Atlanta, and Nashville. Since age 5, I’ve been singing, recording, and performing on stages throughout Nashville and the South East. About 4 years ago, I was interested in branching into the film industry. Weekly I work on my acting with an array of coaches, while simultaneously also developing my songwriting and voice. As a homeschooler, I feel fortunate to be able to take my classroom with me where ever I go. Read more>>

Tiffany Shuman

I have been drawing since I was around 7-8 years old. I was an only child and my mom worked two jobs so I spent most of my time at my grandparent’s house. During that time, I drew and sketched everything from the flowers outside to the kitchen table. I was highly encouraged by my grandpa, David Yates. I have always held onto drawing and my strong love for animals led me to draw pet portraits. My first order was a refund because she had a white fluffy poodle and it looked like a cloud with eyes looking back on it. I have branched out to people portraits, houses, and even tattoos. Read more>>

Heather Wright

Josh & Heather Wright moved to Springfield from CA a 1-1/2 year ago. Originally the plan was for Heather to be a stay-at-home mom and Josh to work. However, Josh is a retired Army Combat Veteran & Heather is a retired General Manager & Mixologist. Heather found it quite challenging to just hit the breaks, slow down and relax. I have always enjoyed creating, I just never had any free time to do it. One night the power went out while we were unpacking our things and getting settled into our home. I could not find a single candle to light. Read more>>

Leonel Fowdar

I realized at an early age that I could draw, it came naturally, and I loved it. I drew my way through primary education.  Watching cartoons and the occasional video game got me intrigued, wondered how they did it, I got a spark of so many ideas, so eager to learn but, as I got older, the realities of the world I grew up in caught up with me. The spark starts to fade when u realize that you’re barely just getting by, my mother was struggling to even put food on the table and, what made it more challenging or confusing for me was the fact that there weren’t any art classes in any of the schools I attended, so I did not have any guidance on how to approach art as a career. Read more>>

Kelley Mathews

I started as a young mom that just wanted beautiful photos without paying for an arm and a leg and what better way than to do it yourself. I started practicing around town and then I became passionate about traveling and finding appreciation in everyday objects and exquisite scenery. Beautiful destinations, finding beauty in the mundane and forgotten, and filling my home as well as friends and family’s homes with beautiful photography of the south and some other places we roam as well. Read more>>

Mellisa Turner

I have always enjoyed drawing and sketching and used to do commissioned work as a teenager. However, life got busy and my artwork got put to the side. Then, with all of the Covid restrictions earlier this year and with some spare time on my hands I decided to begin drawing again. It’s just kind of taken off since then! It most definitely has not been a smooth road. I have battled with illness and struggles in my personal life which majorly impacted my journey. Read more>>

Mary Catherine Matheny

Hello from Mary Catherine and Ryan, owners of Oldknow Bev Co., newlyweds in June, designers, drink makers, and entrepreneurs. In 2019, we had a vision of creating a beautifully light drink. A cocktail flavor profile, but in a seltzer format. Oldknow Bev Co was born many years before as a way to drink our farmer friend’s leftover market produce. We started small, making sodas and cocktails in a tricycle bar cart with a draft. We pedaled our product at local venues and parties but knew we needed to find a way to get to more people. Read more>>

Dequantie Odom

I was born and raised in Fayetteville NC, this is where Bluntxminded Ent was originally created by myself and my business partner Shawntray Anderson. My original motivation was from my uncle kelsey battle the owner of ICAN he is more than a business owner he is a mogul and has always been a image to look up to. I relocated to Savannah Ga when I was medically discharged from the military in 2018. I’ve always known I wanted to be a business owner but I wasn’t sure what kind of business. Read more>>

Natalie Gladwell

I have always loved being in the kitchen! I grew up watching and learning from my mother, grandmother, and even my father. They all loved to cook and I loved watching them make delicious meals with all the love and passion they added to their cooking. Even now as an adult I enjoy both cooking and baking. My most recent endeavor, however, probably got started the way most people have recently found their own new talents, during the pandemic!  Read more>>

Shree Parchman

Around 2008 while living in Texas, one of my cousins called me and told me he entered a festival in a small town here in Georgia selling fish and making a killing. We moved back to Georgia the next year, he moved to California so we took his spot selling fish and crabs, and we made a killing, a few months later, we purchased a food truck. I started doing festivals and concerts all around the metro Atlanta area. This was strictly part-time and our FUN THING. We never thought it would be full-time, In 2017, we relocated to Savannah for work and I was laid off in 2020. Read more>>

Jac Benford

I am a recent SCAD graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design with a minor in Menswear in June 2022. My sewing journey began at the ripe old age of seven. My mother and grandmother nurtured this interest and eventually taught me to embroider, crochet, knit, and replace buttons by hand, darn socks, and how to read commercial patterns. I currently use my grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s quilting swatches, scissors, pinking shears, pincushions, tracing wheels, crochet hooks, and knitting needles. Read more>>

Chiara Uccelli

I was born and raised in Peru, where I passed most of my childhood lost in the outdoors, either climbing up trees, catching frogs, or collecting cool rocks near the river. I was a pretty imaginative and ingenious child, always coming up with absurd narratives to play along with, which might be something I got from my dad, who is a fascinating storyteller. As time passed, I started to harness my creativity into art. I kept sketchbooks where I would draw, paint, and collage; every time I came up with an idea or random thought. Read more>>

Myra Smith

Well, growing up I’ve always been into dance and arts. My drive to help others was instilled in me by my mom and fitness poured into my lap as my adult life came. You know how your just good at something, like it’s a natural thing for you?, well that’ was just it art and dance was natural for me but the performance part left as I became an adult but my passion didn’t! I soon became always on the go, then after my daughter I was really on the go, kind of scatter brain, flustered, and thinking a mile a minute. At times I felt myself with no drive loosing interests, aches and stressed.  Read more>>

Michelle Meadows

My photography story is certainly not linear. As long as I can remember I have always loved photography. I remember taking pictures at Gettysburg and Lake Tahoe at a very early age, burning through multiple rolls of film. I find the story telling and composition the most fascinating parts of photography. It’s my favorite part when creating composite art. My husband got me a new camera on our first wedding anniversary and a newer camera a few years later at Christmas.  Read more>>

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