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Savannah’s Most Inspiring Stories

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below.

Delaney Erks

Hello! My name is Delaney Erks and I am the creator and owner of Delaney Rose Boutique. I am from Ohio but have lived in Savannah since 2019. I originally came to Savannah for college but ended up dropping out once covid hit. I was selling my own illustrations on stickers and shirts at markets around the city. I wanted to do something bigger than that and help solve a real problem every city has. Read more>>

Sharmayne Bond

I came into the military when I was 18 and I’m almost 23 now. I was very young and needed a sense of direction which the Army provided me. Shortly after I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey with YouTube (Mayne B), and my natural hair care line by the name of Although Pain There’s Beauty. I pride myself on being a full-time soldier and full-time entrepreneur it gets stressful at times, but I know it’s going to pay off soon. I am the only girl out of three older brothers, and my goal is to create generational wealth for my brothers and kids and hopefully their kids too. Read more>>

Forest Factory

I started in Bakersfield CA as a producer and artist in the late 90s working with artists from Los Angeles to Bay Area. I later transitioned to Atlanta Georgia to further expand my music career working with artists like T.I., Killer Mike, Eric Bellinger, Mase, David Banner, etc. Although it hasn’t been easy, the effort has been worthwhile. It has been eye-opening to learn how to mix contracts and financial literacy with friendships and business. Being artistically ahead of the curve is difficult but rewarding. Read more>>

Kelly Rogers

I am a Nurse Practitioner who owns her own mini-med spa. I have been a cosmetic injector for approx 6 years. I went to nursing school to pursue my passion to become an NP injector. I am different from all other injectors because I believe in allowing my patient the amount of time they need to be heard, and understood, and plan for optimal results. My appointment times are longer than most. I want to take my patients from start to finish in their journey whatever that may be in their appearance and skin care. There is a lot of amazing talent in my industry in this town.  Read more>>

Ashley Morris

I’ve always wanted to start my own business, and I’ve had ideas over the years but after going through a difficult time with my mental health I decided to pursue something that made not just me happy, but others too. I came across a Figaro for sale and the idea crossed my mind to use it as a photo/event prop but thought maybe it wouldn’t be wise to invest in that idea at the time. It came up again that it was still available, I hesitated to buy it but decided to move forward. I had to place a bid on eBay (which I’ve never done before), and I watched it down to the second and got an alert that I won! I was so excited but also nervous, I just bought a car without seeing it in person! Am I crazy?! Maybe. Read more>>

David Pleasant

I was born in 1961 in Savannah. My mother, school teacher, and principal of the Sapelo Is. school, took both me and my brother to Sapelo Is. and later Darien, GA. It was in those places that I met extraordinary mainland and Gullah Geechee people, heard sounds, breathed air, saw landscapes, and played music that would drive me in a lifelong vision. The BB and pebble-filled drums used on Sapelo and in Darien stirred to life the percussive rattles and vibrations that I knew were a part of the grand legacy of the Sea Island regions. In it were the polyrhythmic call of Africa and the wailing spirit song of Native people. The Drumfolk was awakened in my heart, soul, and mind. Read more>>

Anny Olinger

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as an only child with wonderful parents surrounded by family. I have always had an eye for all things pretty, whether in nature, people, or buildings around me – I remember being keenly aware and always desiring to leave my mark on this world. In addition, I also love being around people, as relationships really ignite me. Absolutely not, I do not believe anyone truly pursuing their dreams and vision, is able to walk on a smooth road at all times. Struggles along the way lead you to a fortitude that is key, and otherwise never acquired. Some of my personal struggles have been: the language, as my primary one is Portuguese, and another one was adapting to culture in general and learning to navigate while embracing it. Read more>>

Beth Copic

I’ve always been entrepreneurial – both my parents were entrepreneurs before they retired. Prior to founding Expeditions by Design, I worked in high-end client-focused industries. I owned a bridal shop in Little Rock, Arkansas, and a real estate business in Denver, Colorado. When my husband and I decided to relocate to Savannah, I took a look at both the skillset and the network of professional and personal relationships I’d developed over the years, as well as my passions both personally and professionally. While the travel industry can be chaotic, and it’s still finding its new normal post-pandemic, this made sense. Read more>>

Catelyn Maness

I grew up in a very creative household in McDonough, GA. I always knew I wanted to do something with art and design and it started with an interest in fashion. By the time I was 12 I realized sewing clothing wasn’t really my thing but I wanted to learn how to draw my ideas. After 2 years of drawing classes with a really great teacher, she convinced me to take her painting class to which I responded “I’m no good at painting”. However, I trusted her and she was super encouraging after a year of painting I told my mom that’s what I wanted to study. This past summer (June 2022) I graduated with my BFA in Painting with a minor in Fibers. I now work on large-scale oil paintings studying the landscape and my emotions as I seek to reflect on moments in my life that made me feel alive, pursuing a recreation of the memories that fill my thoughts. Read more>>

Sno0py Watts

My journey began at the age of 3 years old. At this age I began to discover my interest in music, I started with playing on pots and pans being that my father was also a Drummer as well. Around age 13, I began to play for local ministries, showcases, private events, studio sessions, and more. In addition to this, during this time I was also working on my craft in the studio quite often. This was the perfect element for me to tap into new worlds of creativity; producing music has always been a passion of mine. Read more>>

Colten Griffin

Filmmaking and storytelling have always been a driving force in my life and he has been very clear to me. Throughout my childhood, my parents wanted me to play sports, and be the next best baseball player. It wasn’t until they saw me picking grass on the field that they saw my attention was somewhere else. Even with no desire to play sports, my family has been always supportive of my filmmaking endeavors, always referring to me as the kid who “… was making movies in his head”. Read more>>

Kerri Bunn

It all started out in the country with a beauty shop in my grandmother’s yard. She had a gift for making people feel beautiful. I watched her and my mom make people feel and look their best while sometimes not charging them a dime. I honestly had no idea what it was I wanted to do in life as I was preparing to graduate high school… But my sister, valedictorian with a double major, was graduating from college that same year. She saw a gift that I didn’t really know I had. And it led me to where I am today. A beauty school dropout who later went back to school to become a licensed esthetician. Read more>>

Jessica Jones

In the fall/winter of 2021, I was thinking of ways to earn some extra money for the holidays, something that I could do in my free time and on my own schedule. A year or so prior my dad, who lived in Colorado at the time, mentioned that he knew of someone who started a residential pooper scooper service, that grew to be extremely successful. I was skeptical at the time, what a strange business venture right? But I really wanted to make a little cash without having to pick up a second job, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I offered the service in a local Facebook group, and the idea took off.  Read more>>

Julie Duran

We’re the Duran family from Savannah, GA! We are the owners of Refresh Nutrition, which opened at 916 East 72nd Street earlier this month. Josh has been a firefighter with the City of Savannah for 11 years. Julie is an RN who has a background working in oncology at Duke University Hospital and most recently worked at one of our local hospitals in Savannah. Sweet & spunky Emma is three years old. Our precious baby girl, Harbor, joined our family this past May! Ourselves and our staff are the friendly faces serving up protein shakes, energizing teas and coffees, healthy smoothies, and more tasty treats to our community! Read more>>

Karin Johnson

My husband Scott and I began our journey to open Encryption Escape and Adventure Game in May of 2016 when we found the perfect location at 31 Montgomery Street in Savannah. We had played an escape room two years prior while on a business trip to California and really thought it was a fun and exciting new concept. Basically, an escape room is a brain game where you have to solve puzzles, crack codes, and figure out clues in order to solve a mission in a certain amount of time and escape the room. Read more>>

Ashley Elmer

Harvest and Bloom started from my two passions – gardening and design. I started my gardening journey about 10 years ago with 2 small raised beds at my parent’s shore house in NJ. I crowded in as many seedlings as I could possibly fit, and would stare at them all summer, waiting for them to grow. I quickly realized that gardening is about trial and error and that the first season was full of errors. I learned so much, and have been hooked since. I’ve moved quite a bit since then. From the jersey shore to New York City, the suburbs of Philadelphia, and finally found me down south in the Lowcountry. Every place I’ve been I would make sure there was space for my plants. Gardening quickly became my therapy. Good days and bad, you can find me in the garden. Read more>>

J Pleasant

Diy Forever. I have always been into Bicycles and Motorbikes. The first motorbike I ever rode was my friend’s 1980 Honda ATC 70 3-wheeler. I was just 7 years old. And of course, I crashed it! Hee hee, but I didn’t get hurt and a nice man helped me to put the little bike back on the dirt trail I was riding on. My father, a sign maker and Artist were also into motors. He taught me a lot about 2 stroke engines and gave me my first lessons as a kind into how they worked. Later in my teens, I received my first Moped, which was a Vespa Ciao 50. In my early adult life, I obtained a number of Vespa motorscooters. Read more>>

Bryant Shivelhood

In 2014, I was working for a car detailing shop. I enjoyed the work, but I decided to change career paths. After nearly three years in a different field, I found myself thinking about detailing again. This time, I wanted the opportunity to work for myself. I began detailing vehicles on the side. I quickly gained more detailing jobs than I could schedule since I was working a separate full-time job. I took a leap of faith and quit my full-time job. That is when Elite Mobile Detailing was born. After strictly detailing vehicles for a few months, I realized there was a need in the boating industry. Read more>>

Donald Williams

Being a Detroit native I always dabbled in developing face and facial-hair-enhancing oils for a number of years, it wasn’t until I took a leave from my job with Delta Airlines during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic that I decided to turn a hobby into a legitimate business. Doing all the legal paperwork myself was a process that was humbling but rewarding. I have now been a legitimate business for over 2 years now. Read more>>

Jackson Bethune

Jackson Bethune Music, LLC In pursuit of his passion for all things in music and sound, Jackson Bethune Music, LLC was founded in 2021 and is a multi-faceted endeavor for this entrepreneur. From private guitar and banjo lessons to renting and running sound for large and small events, Jackson Bethune Music, LLC is available to assist you. He is an experienced studio musician performing on multiple instruments, and he is a talented and versatile live entertainer. For more information, please visit or send an email to Read more>>

Claudine Vallade

I am a momma with a camera that turned photographer. I started this journey after I got back home from overseas work for 7 years. Working overseas made me miss my children growing up, I barely have photos of them to look back. So, when I got home, I started to take all those everyday memories of them. Fast forward, I became the photographer of friends and now to other individuals and families. I strive to make sessions filled with smiles, happiness, laughter, and pictures that aren’t rigid and over-posed. In every session, I also aim to create an experience that fits your personality and gives you pictures that make you smile big! Read more>>

Judy Orcutt

I had a deep love for letter forms which calligraphy answered. I would practice hours with my dip pen and ink Drawing the letter forms until l had a page of consistent letters. Then l started to letter quotes and interesting sayings. I did custom work for clients. I developed a card line with unusual sayings and started adding pressed flowers to the designs. Flowers and natural things have been a passion of mine. I pressed all of my flowers. Many were from my backyard. Others were from the paths that l walked and neighbors helped also. Read more>>

Elijah Mckiver

Hi! I am Elijah an inspiring singer, model, and performer from the small town of Claxton Georgia. Growing up I wasn’t the most confident despite the bold fashion style and powerful performances that I have today. I was very actually insecure when I was younger. Growing up I was bullied and teased a ‘lot for not being the American society’s standards of a “boy.” While the other boys were outside on the playground playing basketball or football. you could find me on the sidelines playing and acting like a “world famous popstar” or a Pro-dancer”. aside from me not being the regular boy I had a higher talking voice than many. Read more>>

Decanterbury Tales

We’re Georgianna & Laura, the hosts of Decanterbury Tales: The Podcast. We’re two best friends that share a mutual love of wine, literature, and Dobby the house elf. This podcast is our way to connect, and explore new works and pours while having fun. Our hope is that you read and drink along with us, laugh with us, and learn something poignant along the way. (Totally email us if you do). We aim to pick books of an achievable length each month and wines that don’t go over $25/bottle. We want to make books and wine more accessible to our listeners. Read more>>

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