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Meet 2Benjii

Today we’d like to introduce you to 2Benjii.

Hi 2Benjii, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today?
My story started in Atlanta, GA. But my journey rose to another level once I arrived in Savannah, GA in the year 2017. It all started at Savannah State University’s “Way Of Real Discovery” Open Mic. A non-profit performing arts organization held on campus. I attended one open mic and fell in love after that, Being among other talented creatives like myself and being able to take part in these creative events put me in a new space.

The dopamine I would get from consistently wanting to do better each time I attended an open mic or attended an organizational event that allowed performing was unmatched. It got to a point where I had to join the organization, once I joined my life took another turn. I was now in a group of creatives who all shared the same vision, like our own modern-day Motown Records. From participating to hosting various creative writing workshops, artist showcase events, meetings, leadership development, and more it all got me to the point I am now.

I was able to experience an artist boot camp that showed me every aspect of what I needed to see to make a bigger vision, not only did I see what I could do to continue to better my dream but I saw what I could help others like me get to theirs with fewer trials, or better yet more joy for their journey. I learned to embody my journey experience instead of getting too caught up in the end game.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
This road has had many obstacles along the way but that is what makes the journey so special! My road had many bumps such as financial matters, motivation, questionable nights wondering if this was even worth it, just about every negative feeling you can think of has come along. And catch this, it doesn’t end.

Each time I have leveled up in my industry it’s been a new level of bad that’s had to come with the good, what keeps me going is the reason I started in the first place, and how many people I have depending on me to keep going. The fact that I realized that this mission I am on is bigger than me, will forever keep me motivated to keep going. It wasn’t until I stepped back and fully saw the Impact I had on people I realized the true purpose in my work.

Struggles will always come, but the reward is going to make you forget the feeling of the struggle. It’s going to make it worth it, if it was easy everyone would have it. The struggle test you to see if this is what you really want!

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
What I love most about my work is how I have the freedom to create and express myself through art with or without words. Creative expression is what I specialize in and I created 2Benjii Ent. to help creatives work on just that. I am a recording artist myself but just like everybody, we need training hubs ourselves to keep us in tip-top shape.

I realized a lot of artists nowadays don’t have much access to come around other like-minded creatives in places where they can train and grow their craft and not just showcase it. The training hubs I create range from Community Writing workshops, Cypher-driven events, networking events, and more. The only thing you need to bring is YOU and positive vibes and a niche for growing in your craft. I’m known for holding intimate events that cater to creatives’ comforts being them and networking with one another while honing in on their craft, the all-in-one package.

I’m most proud of my most recent Cypher event I coördinated earlier this year right outside of my College Savannah State University at our good friend Sore’s African products. What sets me apart from others is the fact we aren’t in it for the looks and the glamour, I’m actually in it to make sure we all understand the fundamentals of creativity, hip-hop in retrospect. I see a major need for passion to make a return back into the creative space, a lot of us have lost touch within ourselves.

The only way to get back in tune with yourself is to get back in tune with your creative side, this is where I step in. This is what differentiates me from everyone else, I’m here to change the world… for the better. By showing us how we can CREATE a better one.

In terms of your work and the industry, what are some of the changes you are expecting to see over the next five to ten years?
Over the next 5-10 years, I see many changes happening within my industry as far as the message and how the messages will get out. I see my industry becoming more authentic with time, time shall show the ones who were in the industry solely for themselves and ones who are in the industry to help the world.

A lot of hidden agendas have been gradually showing themselves in this industry to the people and it’s only a matter of time when everyone starts to catch on to what’s been going on behind our backs. The selling of hopes and dreams… using one’s passions to fuel business moves instead of growth in the community.. all of it.

My hope is that it will show the wide-open lane for truth and positivity to be made real again, for the ones who want to see a true change for the better because they realize the importance of this industry and how much it has an impact on the kids.. our time is coming. It’s going to be a major shift… a shift of awakening.

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